Greenpois0n is out

So there has been recent drama around the iPhone/iTouch world where the Chronicdevteam who were suppose to release their jailbreak on the 10.10.10 with their shatter exploit but decided to delay it as geohot decided to release his exploit a day later(released on the 10/10/10 though), Chronicdev said they will use geohots exploit to release greenpois0n rather than the shatter exploit so Apple doesn’t know two explots and patch them both(which is not possible as both will pwn your devices for life).

Greenpois0n works only on certain devices atm so, make sure you have the right one before updating and jailbreaking, these are the following ones:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPod Touch 4G/3G
  • iPhone 3GS(new and old bootroom)
  • iPad

If you have the device all you have to do is install greenpois0n and follow the instructions on the file. And you will then have Cydia, and ready to do whatever you want.

For people who want to know what limera1n is a post coming soon about how to jailbreak via that as well.

Download Links

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