Microsoft Announces New Windows Phone

Seems like theres a new phone in the horizon, and this time it is made by Windows itself, its similar to their previous mobiles, but looks a lot smoother, and nice as well. Specially the app icons, it also has lots of smart features, but as usual depends on which one you get…

Right now they have 5 models

  • Samsung Focus
  • LG Quantum
  • HTC Surround
  • HTC HD7
  • Dell Venue Pro

Here is a Advertisement of it

Most of them have really good features like the LG quantum has 5MP camera, and the HTC Surround has a 16GB internal Memory. Seems like these will run on the mobile versions of Windows 7, and also support XBOX Live(only for dell now though).

It’s not released yet, should be later this month or next, but no prices have been scheduled yet as well. I expect it to be the same as iPhone prices in states, and as usual more expensive in Kuwait, but hopefully we can find some good deals around Kuwait and let you know as well.

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