Apple Event: Back To The Mac

Apple announced  that they will be holding a press event on the 20th of october titled back to the mac which is their way of saying we still havent forgotten about macs as they recently seemed to be occupied with the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Now there are lots of rumors about whats going  to be unveiled at the event. Here are some:

  • New Mac OS X…10.7
  • New iLife
  • Touchscreen iMac (i really hope not)
  • a desktop app store (also hope not)
  • a smaller version of the Mac Pro

These are just some of the rumors  that caught my attention.

It would really break my heart to see the iMac go touchscreen because that would really change what the iMac is all about. the iMac is meant to be a sleek, Powerful, desktop computer, not a giant iPad.

Also having a desktop app store is just a stupid idea… its not like it was a huge success on the iOS ( with jailbreaking, installous, etc.) that they have to make one for the Mac OS.

And as for Mac OS X 10.7 everyones guess is that its going to be called lion… as u see a lion peaking behind the apple on the picture above. Apple have been naming versions of Mac OS X after big cats and it seems they have chosen the biggest one of them all.

I will keep you posted on any news on topic so stay tuned…

Update 1: Its expected that there should be an update for the MacBook Air possibly with an 11″ display instead of the 13″ display it already has.

Posted by Prince Apple
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