Pwnage Tool to Jailbreak All future A4 Devices forever!!

So MuscleNerd who is involved with ChronicDevTeam, tweeted today, they have found a way to make sure all future A4 devices will be jailbroken forever, and untethered. Why is this good news?

Well for starters both the limera1n and greenpois0n are tethered but thanks to comex team they were able to make them untethered, the thing with untethered jailbreaks is they can be patched. So this made a lot of users of the new iDevices scared that it could mean the end of jailbreaking as tethered is no fun. However they may have just found something which will not only make all A4 devices jailbroken for life, but also future firmwares.

So Hackers 1 : Apple 0 😀

Post by PSWin
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