Review: 802.11n AirPort Express

I have been wanting to get an airport express for quite a while now since my Linksys router stopped working and i was using my moms dell laptop as a router so I finally ended up getting one. I chose this one over the airport extreme because the airport extreme is just over priced and has all the features I don’t need. So as always I ended up getting form the most expensive place in Kuwait which was iCity ( I bought my MacBook pro from digits then found out that it was cheaper everywhere else…just my luck :/)

The device is quite great now the range isn’t that big but it pretty much covers my entire house. The thing I like the most about it is the fact it has a built-in USB port for connecting it to a printer or a hard drive for file sharing. It also has a 3.5mm audio line out for music streaming(aka airplay) which I also like a lot! And that’s pretty much it just Ethernet port for Internet and that’s all.

photo credit: Wikimedia

In the box all you get is the device, some user guides and a disc for installing the airport utility on windows machines so no wires nothing else not even apple stickers which are something I like a lot about apple product but oh well.

Here is a list of prices and all the places in Kuwait where you can find 802.11n airport express:
•digits KD38
•iCity KD40
•virgin kd39

but at the moment digits in marina seem to be out of stock so yeah :/

Post by Prince Apple

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