Kuwait PS3 games overpriced even in Rihab…

So recently I’ve been going around Rihab, Alghanim and Virgin to look for good offers for PS3 games, so far the best option has been Rihab, however there is annoying trait at Rihab. They sell region one games at a higher price despite the fact that the PS3 is not region coded, and when this is argued with them, they will tell you off. This is largely disappointing specially for games which get banned from Kuwait like Assassins Creed, GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption and etc, as you can only get them in Rihab.

I myself get my games from Rihab from a shop keeper I know, who is really smart, he knows about hacking and everything so it is easy to deal with him, last year he sold me three region 1 games for 16KD same as the cost for region 2 games, whereas when I went to another shop just to check prices, they were selling it for 21 KD.

Another annoying trait around Kuwait is old games being expensive, games like MGS4 still cost 23 KD + despite it being almost 3 years old now, I got the game for 5 KD from USA last summer, this applies to Rihab as well sadly :|.

Finally games which are a major hit with people are just bloody over priced, last year during MW2’s release, i got mine on launch date for 17KD (region 1), whereas other shops were selling for 35KD and not even the limited editions.

This week Black Ops finally came out, and many people had got the game by friday, as they pre-ordered them. I myself am getting the game next week during eid, when I get my money :P. Anyways Alghanim has said on their twitter and facebook that Black Ops will cost 21 KD from tomorrow, and they have limited stocks. I myself find this quite expensive, as I can get it for 16/17 KD from Rihab from a shop keeper I know, who sells at  Cost Prince(actually many people do).

So far Alghanim has come out with some good offers on new games, like PES 2011 and FIFA 11 were being sold for 16KD on certain days, and they have different offers occasionally.

The one game which is just massively over priced here is Guitar Hero or anything similar to that, I got GH5 for 60$ with Guitar, whereas over here it is being sold from 60KD to 100KD.

So where do you go to buy your games, and what are your favorites?

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14 Responses to Kuwait PS3 games overpriced even in Rihab…

  1. Karan sharma says:

    im gonna get my games from india every thing cheap!!!! 😀
    and if any1 in q8 want a game then write it on my wall

  2. twiley says:

    I’m here in Kuwait (and even in Dubai)for a month’s vacation and I gotta say, game prices here (not just PS3) are outrageously expensive! Games are far cheaper in Singapore or Manila especially with the Region 3 games (since we get all regions there). I got 3d Dot Game Heroes (R2) when I was in Dubai and it cost me 23 KD when it would have only cost me $20 USD.

  3. 7amood il dabbous says:

    i just want to know the prices of the ps3 itself and the offers that come with it at rehab please urent and as soon as possible !

  4. sadaf says:

    any one has cricket 2010 for ps3 in kuwait please let me know where you got that from on sadafsain@hotmail.com

  5. 3abood says:

    Well in order to be able to buy at a place like Rihab you need to have bargaining skills which you obviously do not have….and you don’t just ask in one shop and then think that every other store sells for the other price and MGS4 was being sold for 8 kd at that time but obviously you are being conned as you are indeed dumb

  6. aziz says:

    virgin are rip offs. rihab depends on the store you go to and sometimes when you go to buy a game on the same day it’s released its much more expensive. when mw2 came out i went and it was being sold for 40 kd, bullshit. i went the next day and got it for 18 kd. try different stores and see. \

  7. Lighthouse says:

    Hey which is the shop in Rehab that you get ur stuff from??

  8. Ali ibrahim says:

    hmmm ur ryt ,bt i heard tht in rehab thr r few shops who take old games from us plus we have to give 1kd and then we can buy any other game we want by giving our old game nd 1kd bt im nt pretty sure abt ths cuz ihavnt experincd it ma slf jst kinda rumor :s ,planing to buy fifa 12 bt its expencive in alghanim

  9. yunuz7 says:

    i know i shop sell used games for 15 kd and 20 kd is a waist of money plus now one man told me they are selling ps3 30 games for free and if you want to buy 1 game only its for 1kd.

  10. hamood says:

    how much do you think a used GTAIV,CODMW2,FIFA2011,NFSHOTPURSUIT, cost together?from rihab

  11. Bu Nabeel says:

    for sale Save XSS and other R.C (Patrol) Cars (look it up on youtube) reasonable price call/whatsapp me ill give u full details (:

  12. Gelo says:

    sure overlriced but now it isnt i got a guitar hero warriors of rock with guitar drums mic for only 70kd

  13. The Turq says:

    Go to Suleiman Daboos complex in Khaitan.
    Every game, old/new, used or brand new, is much cheaper than Rihab.
    Assassins Creed 3, God Of War (2013) & Last Of Us, I bought each one when they were released for 16kd, unlike Rihab, charge you for 18-22kd

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