Exciting announcement from iTunes?

hmm.. I wonder what Apple has in store for us this time?? seems like its going to be something big! The main prediction which seems to be going around is the creation of an iTunes Cloud which would be AMAZING if apple would make it a free service.

Basically, what iTunes Cloud would be is a service that would allow you to access your music from other computers and stream them to any other computer with your iTunes account. For example, you could add a song to your iTunes library at home then go to your friends house and open iTunes on his computer and logon to his account and be able to play that song which you just added to you iTunes library at home.

Now the chances of this service being a free service are very slim 😦 but its more likely to be for a monthly or annually subscription with different plans depending on your storage needs. but for now all we can do is sit and wait to find out what “exciting announcement iTunes” has for us this time. According to Apple we should be able to know at exactly 6:00 PM kuwait time.

UPDATE 1:Fail!! turns out apple just put the beatles on iTunes which is a giant bummer. I have nothing against the beatles but i was excited about the iTunes Cloud.. oh well.

Post by Prince Apple

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5 Responses to Exciting announcement from iTunes?

  1. Joe says:

    that was a major fail! i can’t believe you thought that
    not that i’m hating or anything but you suck Prince Apple! PSWin is a fag too and i bet you guys have gay buttsex in the back of your suzuki.
    The only reason i am actually visiting this site is that i like making fun of both of you faggots

  2. Mustafa says:

    Thats actually kind of funny lol
    but the guy above me is just hating because he could never do anything like what you guys are doing here!!!
    Seriously im really impressed about what you guys are doing here and I visit the site everyday because i love apple and tecnology
    Props to both you and PSWin

  3. Joe says:

    What can’t i voice my f***ing opinion, I can say whatever i want the internet doesn’t belong to anybody so i can say what i want
    And im gonna say that i dont like this site and how PSWin and Prince Apple are both

  4. Jerry Tom says:

    I think you are a 10 year old boy just looking for undeserved attention by commenting on this tremendously stupendously concise blog
    Now on to the post, I believe this is apples fault because they don’t know what makes they’re fan base happy. A picture of beetles is not one of them!

  5. Radhika says:

    Hmmm……a ton of fake comments out here. Jerry Tom, Mustafa, lol. =D

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