PSP 2 Images Leaked!!

Seems like there has been some recent buzz around sony, and this time it is for the so called PSP2 having leaked images going around the internet. has released leaked images of the PSP2 and are claiming that these are the official ones, but however this is only the dev kit, so beware it may not end up looking like this…

An update on vg247’s site was made that this image is actually an older version of the dev kit. This looks very much like the PSPGo, but apparently with a trackpad at the back, 2 analog sticks, an HD screen, a faster RAM, claimed to be more than the XBOX 360 and a camera and a microphone, sounds more like a phone to me than anything actually.

I am really looking forwards to the PSP2 as it may live up to its expectations unlike the PSPGo, PSP has gone down ever since their PSP 3000 versions and with the introduction of the NintendoDS. However this one looks really good from the rumors going around and hopefully sony doesn’t disappoint again…

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One Response to PSP 2 Images Leaked!!

  1. Mustafa says:

    Nice cant say im excited
    just wondering do you know when this will be released

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