Could The iPhone have a rival?

Alright so today I went down to Alghanim/X-Cite at the one is Souk Salmiya, and was browsing around the phones. The iPhone 4 was out of charge so looked at the phone on the opposite side, and came down on the Samsung Galaxy S. I turned it on, and I was quite amazed by it. It was running the latest Android OS, and felt much smoother than the other Android phones I’ve tried, however it looks very much like the iPhone’s GUI. However it has its pros as well, it has a much better camera than the iPhone, runs on Android OS and is much cheaper than the iPhone 4, it costs 205 KD which is 30KD less than the price of iPhone 4 and also has a FM radio. However it has some major cons as well, like low battery, no flash light, and a bit slow in running a few apps.

The phone looks quite good though, and is certainly a challenge for the iPhone market, however I doubt it would sell in Kuwait as well people like free stuff, and well the Android doesn’t have as substitute for its app store like the iPhone does, Installous. And also it more of looks like a chinese rip off of the iPhone 3GS. Although I like the way it looks…

What do you guys think will they able to break the iPhone superior market, or not even come close to beating them? Leave a comment below about your opinions

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2 Responses to Could The iPhone have a rival?

  1. Mustafa says:

    Wow looks impressive to me
    I can never get an I phone wayyyyyy to expensive for me but this looks like a pretty good substitute for it
    I might go check it out myself may be even buy it :O

  2. Jamie Chung says:

    Nahhh doesnt look nice, i mean looks wise it kinda looks like a square!!
    the camera may be better, who ever uses the camera anyway!!
    If there was a house on fire and i had to save one then I would definetly save the I phone

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