Some great offers going around

Alright, both PSWin and PrinceApple have been busy the past few days, so the site hasn’t been updated in a while, anyways I(PSwin) was just going around some electronics shop the last week and I came down with lots of amazing offers around Kuwait.

I’ll start of with Geant(located at 360 mall) their electronics sections has always been a cheap place, but I was never interested in it as well, most of them consisted of chinese products, but they finally got some rights from official companies and are now selling the big boys like Apple. Anyways onto the offers, their biggest offer is the iTouch 4G for 119 KD, 7KD more than states, so its not a bad price plus you get a JBL version of the PSP. add to that they had some other great offers like selling computer speakers, keyboards and mouses for 1KD, although they are chinese stuff, they are quite decent as I got myself the computer speakers.

Now onto some other stuff Alghanim just posted on their facebook, for some of their weekend offers, which ends on the 5th of december. They are selling the iTouch 4G, only 8 and 32 gigs for 5 kd more than the US, so the prices are therefore 69.900 and 89.900 respectively.

Some great offers around Kuwait imo, and If I were you guys I’d certainly go down to 360 and take a look around at some of the stuff there.

Post by PSWin
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5 Responses to Some great offers going around

  1. Mac11 says:

    Dude…wow u iz cereal? woot, offers FTW. Yeah XD

  2. GadgetGuru says:

    Those are some interesting offers. Too bad I didn’t read about Alghanim’s any earlier. Meh….there is always next year (hopefully)

  3. McTouch says:

    Why do you only post updates on Apple’s products? What if we are cheap, therefore are interested in offers on products other than Apple’s?

  4. lukla says:

    useful info definatley helped me for Xmas shopping. Thanks hope to see more reviews and offers.

  5. RickAstley says:

    Nice offers, how long do you think they’ll be keeping them up.

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