PS3 Updates to 3.55

Small post today, about the PS3, this time. So turned on my PS3 a few minutes ago, and tells me I need to update my playstation to log in to PSN, so yeah new update, fixes small bugs and patches the downgrade system made by PSJailbreak. so if you have a hacked ps3 don’t downgrade, if you are not bothered continue updating and playing online.

Also it’s a really small update took me 10 minutes on 512kbps internet speed, hope you guys have fun…

Post by PSWin
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2 Responses to PS3 Updates to 3.55

  1. Ahmed says:

    thanks was afraid to update now i know its okay.

  2. Just downloaded it yesterday. I usually get really excited before I get an update, since I expect some major changes, but lately, Sony has been tinkering with stuff I am not really interested in. Thanks for the update.

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