PS3 officially Jailbroken

Alright so, i was actually not considering writing this post as this could potentially spread like fire and introduce piracy among the PS3 in Kuwait, which will ruin the whole system imo, but i’ll talk about that tomorrow in my debate about “Piracy good or bad, and how it harms people”.

Anyways on to the big news, ever since New Years the PS3 scene has been lighten up by a bunch of genius’s for starters fail0verflow was able to find a code on the ps3, GeoHotz, who was the person who introduced untethered jailbreaking with blackra1n and the more so recently limera1n, him and KaKaRoToKS was able to create their own custom pup files, and allowing the PS3 to install .pkg files, first to launch was KaKaRoToKS, however his pup didn’t allow much freedom as most of the homebrew had to be signed, however they did  have the code, but was harder to put it in the .pkg file, then today morning while I was getting ready, i saw a tweet from psx-scene that GeoHot had released a permanent-jailbreak, being over joyed but at the same time worried, i tried it as the file was quite small, however it didn’t work as I had KaKaRoToKS’s pup loaded on mine, so i put the ofw on download and left, came back a few hours ago updated it, and tried the jailbreak and worked wonderfully, however no homebrew has been out yet, but should be soon once GeoHot releases the tools which will enable to run it.

Also you need to be on firmware 3.55 to run this properly, and do not be alarmed by the 9 beeps when it is re-booting.

Now due to reasons i cannot upload it on our site, but I am sending you the link to his blog where you can download and give it a go. And i shall be releasing a video soon on how to jailbreak it, so keep a look out.

Here is the file

If you are not sure what to do, wait till tomorrow, when I get my video done…

Post by PSWin
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