The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Piracy

What is Piracy? According to the dictionary the unauthorized reproduction or use of a copyrighted book,recording, television program, patented invention etc. Now I’m not going to concentrate on the whole piracy, but mainly about the gaming world. Now i’d be a hypocrite if i say that I have never played any pirated game etc, as I have and I kind of regret it now.

The Good: What is good about piracy, to be honest not much, but I have analysed that hacked devices which allows to play pirated games, have had a large amount of sale compared to non-hacked devices, this is true only for developing countries. devices like the PSP saw an increase in sales, when legendary hacker Dark_alex released his editions of firmware on the system, his main concept behind “hacking” the psp was not making piracy enabled though, it was to enable homebrew which is applications/games made by local developers. Even before the PSP, the scene was the same in PS1, PS2 and XBOX. Even newer devices like iPod has seen increases in sales in poorer countries cause of jailbreaks.

The Bad: However the good has a knock on effect, which is game developers pulling out with these devices to not experience a loss, even though the company makes a profit selling devices, its clients don’t see that profit, as people are downloading pirated games rather than buying it. However statistics have shown that, poorer countries download more than the more developed countries. This is mainly cause of the high price of games. As developers pull out, they start releasing games which are barely good, for example before the PSP got hacked, there were games like syphon filter, which was worth paying 16KD, however once companies started pulling out, games which had sequels dropped in quality, and was no longer worth the money, and people would rather pay 1KD or download them off the net.

The Ugly: The ugly part is when developers pull out, they release new firmware updates to remove features which resulted in the hacking or release a new version of the console, example when geohot had apparently bypassed the PS3 system through OtherOS, Sony decided to remove the feature and release the PS3 slim.

Now the main reason I was motivated to write this post was cause of the current PS3 scene, with jailbreaks finally out, people all over forums have been asking for a Backup Manager to play pirated games, I was really disappointed to see this, as the PS3 has been one of the best consoles ever released this decade, the games are well worth paying 16KD-20KD, name me a game which you have played wasn’t worth paying that much, luckily for us the recent jailbreaks can’t load backup managers, at least for now, and the likes of GeoHot, KakaToRocks has no intention to even allow it on their CFW. If piracy becomes available on the PS3, i can guarantee that no one will be making games like Black Ops, Metal Gear, Killzone and etc.

I myself have recently started coding, and it took me 7 hours to write a basic application which had only 23 lines of coding, and I would be pissed if I was selling the game and someone pirated it, so imagine these developers who work 7-8 hours, 5 days a week, for 1-2 years to make us enjoy the game.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, and would like to read about your input as well, but at the same time as a small developer, I hope you guys don’t fall into the piracy scene, and continue on buying games you enjoy.

Post by PSWin
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