First Signed Homebrew Packages

Well only a few hours after GeoHot’s jailbreak tools, lots of homebrew came out on the interweb, most of them have been emulators, but nonetheless it is homebrew after all.

All these homebrew work on the latest firmware 3.55, with PSN and all your games working fine.

Anyways here are all the latest homebrew, and there is no BACKUP MANAGERS out yet…

BlackB0x FTP Server:
Awesome File Manager:
Mednafen Emulator:
FCeu NES Emu:
Comgenie Awesome File manager:

How to Install:
1. Download the .PKG you want.
2. Put the pkg in the root from a USB thumb drive
3. Insert the USB thumb drive in your PS3
4. Under the XMB Game menu select “Install Package Files.”
5. Enjoy

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