PSP2 will be as powerful as a PS3?

Sony have been telling “licensees”(which are basically the people who make the games for it) that the PSP2 “is as powerful as the PlayStation 3”

The Sony PSP2 is expected to arrive within the Q4 period, perhaps as early as October, and includes a HD screen with twin-stick controls in the familiar ‘brick’ form factor.

Sony are specifically requesting richer, more in-depth content from developers to differentiate their device from other app based Apple and android devices. The device will use physical software – i.e UMD,etc.

The device will also provide access to plenty of downloadable content, smaller games, demos and apps via PSN – It may even incorporate a phone, but not as a primary function via skype, voip or other voice over IP clients.

Post by Prince Apple

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One Response to PSP2 will be as powerful as a PS3?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is PSP2 able to run normal PSP game?

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