Review: Logitech X-210 PC speakers

The logitech x-210 are 2.1 channel 25w computer speakers which come with 2 satellites(small speakers) and a down-firing subwoofer. They retail at around KD7.500 and for KD 16.500 on the kuwaIt logitech website.. what a RIPOFF!!

Now there are a couple of good features on these speakers. The first being the control pod which is basically a remote which gives you volume control, mute button and a stereo headphone jack. Another cool feature on these speakers is that the satellites are wall-mountable which means that they don’t have to take up any space off your desk which they wont do anyway since they are quite compact. These speakers also have real-time bass equalization which supposedly gives you more bass response with less distortion.

As for the sound, well it’s surprisingly quite impressive I mean for the price you really do get a lot more than what you bargained for which in this case is a good thing! The highs sound very crisp and sharp. The satellites do a great job in giving clean un-distorted highs. As for the mids things aren’t so good. The mids sound kinda muddy and not as clear or as crisp as with the highs. Don’t get me wrong they still sound pretty good just not as good as the highs. Finally the bass sounds pretty good on these speakers. The subwoofer does a god job in giving deep bass. The supposed “real-time bass equalization” isn’t always so effective and I found myself wishing for manual bass control because sometimes the bass is just too strong and the subwoofer’s thumping effect overwhelms the rest of the music. That said it’s still not such a big issue and is tolerable.

In the end these are great speakers and provide amazing sound with movies, games and music. I had them for about 3 weeks now and couldn’t be any happier. Out of the box they were easy to set up and easy to use. They give excellent value for money. Over all I give them a 3.5/5.

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4 Responses to Review: Logitech X-210 PC speakers

  1. Radhika says:

    I have these speakers, they’re so BAD!

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