Playstation Phone Is Real

So a few weeks ago, we had posted about rumors about the PSP2 being a phone, sadly that was not the case, there will be a PSP 2 with no phone, but there is going to be a phone which will act as a PSP as well. It has been named as Xperia Play, as you can guess if you follow mobiles, it will be made by Sony Erricson, the official announcement was made day before during the super bowl.

The phone runs on android, and has the same features a normal android phone would have, like facebook and etc. It also comes with a 5 mega pixel camera, the main addition is when you slide open, you’ll have a game pad, however there are no analog sticks. It is yet to be known how games will be played, but i think it will either be through Memory stick or through the PSN store like on the PSPGo. There has been a preview by engadget but it seems to be a prototype with a lot of bugs.

The design itself looks quite good, and could be worth the money, this could increase competition against the iPhone and with the NGP also probably giving the idevices more stiff competition this year. It will be officially announced on the 13th of February so 5 days away from now, and I shall post about it as soon as it launches.

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2 Responses to Playstation Phone Is Real

  1. spydistrict says:

    5 megapixel camera – any camera stuffed on a gadget as small as a cellphone is going to be crap. I hope folks don’t fall for numbers like those – 5, 8, 12, 13.1 and whatnot. Want a good imaging device? Invest in a Nikon or a Canon DSLR, or at least a decent point & shoot. Expecting good shots to come out of a cellphone is like demanding caviar on a McDonald’s budget.

    • Dimiter says:

      You are right that phones are not suited for taking pictures, but I use mine a lot, since it just is very nice to take a casual picture, instead of carry around a hefty DSLR all the time…

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