Sony Takes Out The BanHammer

Seems like sony has finally pulled out the hammer, after 6 months of hackers fighting against the updates, Sony has finally started banning people who have hacked hobrew, or software running on their PS3, this happens only days after the PS3 MFW was released and a bypass to get PSN on PS3 versions lower than 3.56.

This is bad news for those gamers who actually use legit games, and are only into the hacking scene cause if the add-ons and homebrew stuff you can get. I myself had predicted this coming after lots of Black Ops gamers were banned, and as soon as people had found out how to get on PSN on jailbroken devices.

What does this mean for Sony? nothing to be honest, despite more than 1000 gamers using hacks, about 3/4th of them will buy a new PS3 to play on PSN again, so in turn they have pretty much raised their profits, however i don’t see many of the fellow Sony fan boys looking up to them anymore.

Personally i haven’t touched my PS3 since i heard this news, and I haven’t missed it much, however with a bunch of new games coming out in the coming months I may regret it. All I hope is some brave people can revolt against Sony and hope they become more hack friendly like Microsoft is becoming…

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