Apple event: iPad 2 announced by Steve Jobs

As expected today was suppose to be the launch of iPad 2, personally i was a bit excited, specially since this would be the first event since the rumors about Steve Jobs being sick, and guess who came for the launch today… Steve Jobs.

As usual all of Apple’s events start of with what has happened during the year since their last release, this time they had shown lots of figures, for started the developers of idevices got 2 billion dollars among them, over 200 million accounts were created for the App store, iTunes Store and iBook store, selling their 100th Million iPhone 4 recently and selling over 150 million iPad’s in 9 months. But the best figure was the App Store selling 65000 apps for the iPad compared to samsungs Honeycomb’s 100 apps sold.

Sonn after those large figures, a video of what the iPad had done around the world was shown, which was followed by two slides reading the following, “2010: year of the iPad”, “2011: year of the copycats”

Which was then followed by the official release. The iPad 2 has a lot of new specs but nothing too major, the specs are the following, a new A5 processor, which has dual core processor, makes the iPad’s CPU 2 times faster, and graphics 9 times faster. It comes with two cameras, one at the back and for the front, a gyroscope like they had on the iTouch and iPhone, and it is much thinner and lighter, it has been slimmed down to 8.8 mm from 13.8 mm, and made lighter from 1.5 pounds to 1.3 pounds. It will come in both Black and white and will be shipped on the 11th of March in the USA, and later releases in the world on the 25th. It costs the same as the iPad 1 itself, starting from 499$ for wifi only and 629$ for wifi and 3G, this is for the 16GB ones(see below for all prices).

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Along with the iPad release, Steve announced a new cover, and HDMI output cable. The HDMI output cable gives up to 1080p resolution and costs 39$, whereas the covers are probably the most interesting ones, it magnetizes itself and aligns itself along the iPad, and turns on when you open, and you can fold it make it a stand, it will cost 39$ for poly cases, and 69$ for leather(pictures below).

This was only part of the Apple Event, for the iPad 2 laucnh, the next post i’ll talk about iOS 4.3 and its features, and new apps like Garageband and iMovie for the iPad 2, so stay tuned…

As we cannot make it to these events, we thank for the pictures, and keeping everyone updated through their liveblog.

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