Playstation Updates to 3.60

Last night till about 6 AM Kuwait time(3 AM GMT time) the playstation network was down for maintenance, during that time, the playstation blog posted about them releasing 3.60 with a new feature for Playstation Plus users, which will include the feature of saving a game on the playstation server on one PS3, and then continuing the save on another one, nothing too special, but definitely a decent update. I’m still not pleased though, as this is a playstation plus feature.

In my opinion 3.60 has been released just to get their security updates, to stop people jailbreaking their PS3 devices, and they may just have been successful as all the devs who had a crack at it 2 months ago, do not want to try 3.60 as they are afraid of getting sued, and their hard drives being taken away.

So if you are currently on 3.55 and want to have a jailbroken PS3, and don’t mind the fact that you won’t play online, then stick with it, otherwise you can update to 3.60 and enjoy your online games.

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