X-Cite launching pre-orders for iPad 2 on Launch Date

Since Kuwait is not very advanced with its technology, i was wishing for the iPad 2 to get the same launch date as the US, sadly it isn’t launching exactly however they will have a show piece which you can test out on Saturday 12th, and place your pre-orders on the same day as well.

This has surprised me a lot, since Kuwait has never been able to display an Apple device on launch dates, so its the first time(i believe, correct me if i’m wrong). I will be going and getting my hands on the test device and getting a review about it up here on the same day. I’m hoping the price differences do not vary much, as it did with the iPad 1, otherwise it will be a massive disappointment.

For those who do not know, what the iPad 2 will bring, you can check it in my post earlier, here.

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