yeah… i got one..(bb)

well… I never thought I would see the day that I would be the not so proud owner of a blackberry. Why? you might ask. Well for one im a huge apple fan and supporter. Another reason would be that blackberries just completely suck!… or so I thought. Now it wasnt like someone put a gun to my head and made me buy one, I got one because I wanted one and the main reason for that was because I needed a new phone and what better phone to buy than an iPhone???(to an apple fan at least) but here’s the problem, I want a white iPhone and the white iPhone wont be out till about next month and have to wait longer for the unlocked version. So I ended up getting the curve 8520 which is an entry-level model.

I got it for KD 65.500 at info-connect with a free wataniya number…pretty good deal huh? I opened the box expecting to hate everything inside and even thought the packaging would in no way be compared with apple packaging there was still something satisfying in its simplicity but then again I had been up for 46 hours when I opened the box so it could just be the sever sleep deprivation I was under.

Now this is actually my first blackberry and I have to admit I was quite impressed. I always thought that blackberries are just really buggy “business” phones that are always misused as social phones for bbm, twitter and Facebook and that they are very impractical and dysfunctional if compared to say the iPhone. Then I learned that there wasn’t much truth to that. The phone is actually quite functional and a lot of features which I thought were only on the iPhone such as cut, copy and past also spell check and auto correct I found to be part of the blackberry OS. All very useful features that I can’t live without.

As far as hardware, well that wasn’t very impressive to say the least, but then again it was only an entry-level model so you can’t really expect much from that. The 2.0 MP camera looked as if it was tinted and pictures were very grainy. Lagging and freezing didn’t happen that often but it happened a few times, especially when I’m typing which is weird because you would thin the processor should easily be able to handle typing, but that wasn’t really such a big issue. The speaker sounded horrible but then again its just a phone so you can’t really be expecting much. As for the materials used well nothing really says luxury more than plastic and rubber…

In the end i have to say its a pretty good phone that gives good value for money, which is something that blackberries aren’t really known for but they somehow managed to do. It’s a good functional phone with not a lot of features but pretty much everything you need.

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