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yeah… i got one..(bb)

well… I never thought I would see the day that I would be the not so proud owner of a blackberry. Why? you might ask. Well for one im a huge apple fan and supporter. Another reason would be that … Continue reading

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Google celebrating kuwait’s independance day!

Google usually change the way ‘google’ is written on their homepage in celebration or memory of certain events in the memory of the lives of notable people from the past. Today it seems that google have changed their homepage in … Continue reading

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I’m turning into an audiophile?

Okay relax! Just because it sounds like pedophile doesn’t mean it has the same meaning! An audiophile is someone who enjoys”high-quality audio reproduction via the use of high-end audio electronics”so basically I’m into good sounding cans :P. This means I … Continue reading

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My all-time top 10 iPhone apps.

Tap-Tap Revenge 4 – possibly the funnest free game on the appstore… I can sit for hours and play this game or until I cant feel my thumbs anymore. Viber – free voip app that doesn’t require a username or pw but … Continue reading

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Review: Logitech X-210 PC speakers

The logitech x-210 are 2.1 channel 25w computer speakers which come with 2 satellites(small speakers) and a down-firing subwoofer. They retail at around KD7.500 and for KD 16.500 on the kuwaIt logitech website.. what a RIPOFF!! Now there are a … Continue reading

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