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I’m turning into an audiophile?

Okay relax! Just because it sounds like pedophile doesn’t mean it has the same meaning! An audiophile is someone who enjoys”high-quality audio reproduction via the use of high-end audio electronics”so basically I’m into good sounding cans :P. This means I … Continue reading

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Review: Logitech X-210 PC speakers

The logitech x-210 are 2.1 channel 25w computer speakers which come with 2 satellites(small speakers) and a down-firing subwoofer. They retail at around KD7.500 and for KD 16.500 on the kuwaIt logitech website.. what a RIPOFF!! Now there are a … Continue reading

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Review: SkullCandy Skullcrushers

well I’ve had these headphones for over 5 months now so I know them pretty well.Now they cost around $79 or KD20 and the sound quality is pretty good for headphones in that price range. The headphones feature a pair … Continue reading

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