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We Have Moved :)

So after a successful 6 months, dating back to October 2010, both PSWin and Prince Apple have decided to make our website official, i.e a “.com” website. Although we have had a few hiccups we have stuck through, and made … Continue reading

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Google celebrating kuwait’s independance day!

Google usually change the way ‘google’ is written on their homepage in celebration or memory of certain events in the memory of the lives of notable people from the past. Today it seems that google have changed their homepage in … Continue reading

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Review: Logitech X-210 PC speakers

The logitech x-210 are 2.1 channel 25w computer speakers which come with 2 satellites(small speakers) and a down-firing subwoofer. They retail at around KD7.500 and for KD 16.500 on the kuwaIt logitech website.. what a RIPOFF!! Now there are a … Continue reading

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First Signed Homebrew Packages

Well only a few hours after GeoHot’s jailbreak tools, lots of homebrew came out on the interweb, most of them have been emulators, but nonetheless it is homebrew after all. All these homebrew work on the latest firmware 3.55, with … Continue reading

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WiredKWT Posting every day in 2011!

A bit late, but only cause both of us have been a tad bit busy, but starting from today, we will write a post everyday. We know it won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. … Continue reading

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Hello people, how are you guys doing? This is PSWin and Prince Apple over here, who have decided to start a blog about all gadgets including Apple, Windows, Playstation and etc. We wanted to have different pages for each category … Continue reading

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