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We Have Moved :)

So after a successful 6 months, dating back to October 2010, both PSWin and Prince Apple have decided to make our website official, i.e a “.com” website. Although we have had a few hiccups we have stuck through, and made … Continue reading

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X-Cite launching pre-orders for iPad 2 on Launch Date

Since Kuwait is not very advanced with its technology, i was wishing for the iPad 2 to get the same launch date as the US, sadly it isn’t launching exactly however they will have a show piece which you can … Continue reading

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Google celebrating kuwait’s independance day!

Google usually change the way ‘google’ is written on their homepage in celebration or memory of certain events in the memory of the lives of notable people from the past. Today it seems that google have changed their homepage in … Continue reading

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I’m turning into an audiophile?

Okay relax! Just because it sounds like pedophile doesn’t mean it has the same meaning! An audiophile is someone who enjoys”high-quality audio reproduction via the use of high-end audio electronics”so basically I’m into good sounding cans :P. This means I … Continue reading

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PSP 2 out… oh wait I mean NGP

The most awaited time of the year has come around, today morning well atleast over here, Sony was having its conference where it was unveiling the PSP2, sadly they are now going to call it NGP( i still haven’t been … Continue reading

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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Piracy

What is Piracy? According to the dictionary the unauthorized reproduction or use of a copyrighted book,recording, television program, patented invention etc. Now I’m not going to concentrate on the whole piracy, but mainly about the gaming world. Now i’d be a hypocrite if i say that I have never played … Continue reading

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Some great offers going around

Alright, both PSWin and PrinceApple have been busy the past few days, so the site hasn’t been updated in a while, anyways I(PSwin) was just going around some electronics shop the last week and I came down with lots of … Continue reading

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